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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  May 2, 2015 10:00am-11:01am EDT

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good evening, everybody. i'm lou dobbs. baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake denies that she ordered her police department to stand down in the face of violent riots looting and arson. but now a senior law enforcement official in baltimore is contradicting the mayor and claims the mayor gave a direct order to the police chief to give way to those rioters. tonight we're joined by bishop jackson and rich lowry. they take up not only the failure of leadership over the past days and nights in baltimore but to examine a city that's suffered almost 50 years
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of disastrous liberal leadership and failed policies. also tonight, new revelations that the clinton foundation is still withholding the identities of over 1,000 donors and blaming a nonexistent canadian law for the foundation's lack of transparency. the man who broke the clinton scandal wide open is our special guest here tonight, peter schweizer joins us. we begin tonight in baltimore. self-identified gang members standing side by side with the city council calling for an end to violence. the council president used the press conference to apologize for calling those rioters "thugs." >> i made a comment yesterday out of frustration and anger when i called our children thugs. they're not thugs. they're just misdirected. and we need to direct them on a different path.
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>> earlier this week baltimore police said they had received a, quote, credible threat that rival gangs have teamed up to kill law enforcement officers. joining us tonight, reverend jesse lee peterson editor of "national review" rich lowry. great to have you both here. let me begin if i may, reverend peterson, what we are watching in baltimore has been a disastrous series of policies over the course of 50 years that has driven out business, driven out people driven out the concept of prosperity and success and now we listen to a council president say that people are simply misdirected. is that not shameless simplify simplifitationsimplify simplification and rationalization for failure? >> you know not all, but most democrats don't have any sense
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of shame at all. baltimore has been under the control of democrats for the last 40 years or so. and right now, it is controlled by mostly black democrat politicians. the government is predominantly black and yet baltimore is worse than the average city in this country today. and i have to tell you that things are not going to get better for black americans until black americans start to drop their anger, take responsibility for themselves, stop relying on the government or anyone else to do for them, then things will start to change. the people who were burning and destroying property the other day were people who were not suffering due to poverty or white racism or police brutality. it was due to the lack of moral character. and soon we can be honest about
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that, the quicker things will start to change, lou. >> reverend, thank you. we'll come back to you in just a second. we're looking at pictures from monday night there. we were previously to that. and i'd like to return to the live pictures in baltimore tonight and get this off our screens, please, immediately. these live pictures of folks marching, demonstrating and to this point peacefully following last night's assertion by the police and the national guard of control over the city. and it seems to have worked, the curfew that's been in place but last night honored by the vast majority of citizens in baltimore. i want to turn to rich lowry right now. we have the spectacle of a president of the city council standing next to the bloods, crips, the gangs, who the police themselves say wereed with their very lives. >> that tells you a lot about what's wrong with the city and with its leadership. and the mayor is saying, oh, i
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didn't tell the police to stand down. but usually when a politician is denying something that's politically inconvenient and contradicted by other people and the fact, usually the politician is not telling the truth. she's saying are you going to be me or your lying eyes? we saw police officers outnumbered, standing around while things were burnt and looted and running away from rioters. and any civil disturbance, there's a long history of that, that is always a disaster and makes things worse. >> reverend president obama saying that everybody should be doing a lot of soul searching here. that sounds like an expression that means, don't use your brain, don't think about what's actually happened don't look at the evidence, which has been 50 years of calamity in baltimore. and frankly, the pervasive ignorance of liberal policies that don't prize either individuality, enterprise small
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business, people who build things contrary to what the president once said, your thoughts? >> lou at one time i had anger towards white americans because i believed into the lie that they were trying to hold me back because of my color. and when i would hear coded words such as barack obama spoke the other day when he said people should do soul searching, to me, that says that there is racism against black folks and it encouraged the hatred in me even more so to the point that i would gone out and done whatever it took to take out a white person. and obama should be ashamed of himself because he has created an environment that says that police officers are racist and that white americans are racist. and because black folks -- not all but most -- are angry, they believe into this lie. and whatever you believe in,
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lou, will control you. so now that they believe the president of the united states of america, we are going to see more police officers under attack. we're going to see more violence in our cities around the country. and blame president barack obama the department of justice and so-called leadership. but as an adult we are responsible for our lives, not the government or anyone else. and if parents were to get married, raise their children in the right way to go then barack obama and others could not come in and manipulate them in that manner. obama has an agenda and his agenda is to redistribute power and wealth. he said that he's going to send the department of justice out to baltimore to look into the situation because he wants to federalize the police departments around the country. that's what this is about. >> maybe he should look into and
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ask the justice department to look into the high unemployment rate, the absolutely disastrous economy of baltimore which is the direct result in large measure of liberal policies, so-called progressive policies, that simply deny men and women an opportunity for a job to build a life and to seize opportunity that is -- >> they don't want that. >> in almost every stance the result of this great free enterprise economy of ours. >> the idea that baltimore has been neglected is utter nonsense. this is a city based on the great society model. it's always had generous subsidies from the federal government and the state federal government. but the model has been high tax hostile to business and what they've succeeded in doing is chasing businesses out into the suburbs and then they have to lure other businesses in with subsidies and then you get this corrupt dynamic where the government is giving the
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businesses subsidies and the businesses are giving the politicians campaign contributions to stay in their good graces and the whole thing is corrupt dysfunctional and doesn't work. >> some of that corporate welfare also exists in which we are seeing subsidies going to a lot of companies and businesses. we are right now looking at an establishment represented by the leaders of both political parties, in my opinion, that is going to be challenged just as we have to see this so-called progressive policies that have bankrupted and sometimes quite literally their advocates and the cities and states that have followed the advocates in the direction toward so-called liberalism. reverend jesse lee peterson, rich lowry, thank you both for being with us. hillary clinton broke her silence on those riots and looting and the arson in baltimore. clinton furthered the president's assault on law
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enforcement and indicted the entire u.s. justice system. >> from ferguson to staten island to baltimore, the patterns have become unmistakable and undeniable. it's time to end the era of mass incarceration. we need a true national debate about how to reduce our prison population while keeping our communities safe. >> and the clinton foundation's donor scandal is widening as the former secretary of state obviously broadens her areas of concern about the flaws of our society. 1,100 donors to the clinton canada foundation and canada-based enterprise partnership have not been revealed. the clinton foundation blaming the nondisclosure on canadian law. it turns out that that was just,
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well, in most circles it would be called a lie. a claim that was given three pinocchios by the washington fact-checker today. there is no canadian law that bans charities from identifying their donors. do you see a pattern here? we'll be joined by the man who first exposed the clinton foundation's questionable dealings, "clinton cash" author peter schweizer joins us in just moments. we're coming right back. coming up iran becoming increasingly belligerent and provocative. a potential flashpoint in the strait of hormuz. and this woman, some say she deserves to be titled mother of the year for what she did in the midst of baltimore riots. her story and more coming right up.
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breaking news saudi arabia has arrested 93 terrorists with islamic state ties. they had planned a series of attacks including one targeting the u.s. embassy in riyadh. the timing of the foiled plot coincides with a decision by u.s. officials to halt all consular services at the embassy
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in mid march. iranian forces today fired shots and boarded a commercial container ship in the strait of hormuz. the ship, a marshall islands flagship, is now being escorted to an iranian port by four vessels, patrol boats of the revolutionary guard. the united states is responsible for the security and defense of the marshall islands and all marshall island flagcraft at see. and the u.s. navy dispatched a ship to the area. this latest act of aggression follows on incident last friday in which four iranian patrol boat intercepted a u.s. flag container ship in the persian gulf before they withdrew. joining me now to assess this latest provocation by iran retired major general robert sales.
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bob good to have you back with us. >> hi lou. >> this is now becoming it seems a bit of a morality play for the president to view. and he looks like the chump in the deal. >> yeah, absolutely. let's face it, this is all about the irgc this revolutionary corps. they're the major terrorist organization. the world right now, this is an effort to do two things to play tit for tat for the roosevelt carrier group turning back an effort by the irgc to resupply the houthi rebels and secondly in their own way to sabotage the iranian nuclear talks. the last thing the president wants right now is for this incident to somehow gum up the works in these final days of negotiation. but look, this is piracy, this is an act of war. this is a ship in international waters.
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and the united states navy was too late to get to the scene to turn this around. so now we're in this kabuki dance with the irgc to try to work this out. >> how far do you believe our carrier was from the tigris, the other ship? >> they normally don't go through the strait of hormuz. they're in the arabian sea. i'd say at least hundreds of miles away. not close enough -- >> the reason i'm asking is because of the f-18s aboard and their capacity to eliminate -- to swat, if you will, these patrol boats. and the inaction by the president that's relatively -- it seems like a relatively straightforward corroboration of what we've come to expect which is passivity, a lack of serious response and leading from behind. >> yeah. but he's not going to do anything. you notice that the state
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department spokesman today really tried to low-ball this unlike previous incidents. the irgc wasn't even mentioned in the briefing. the president and the administration -- >> general, i apologize for interrupting, but i have to say this. i don't think there is anything resembling even a modest level of expectations when it comes to the spokespersons for the united states state department. and i take your point exactly. but this is an administration -- you mentioned sabotage the talks. who are you -- who should we be most concerned about sabotaging the talk? would it be the president by not being gentle enough or would it be the iranians by being too belligerent and ambitious in their aggression? these are two sides sitting at the table working, it seems, hand in hand to go skipping through the tulips singing a same soft song that permits the
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iranians to end with a nuclear weapon. >> first of all, as i've said on your show maybe a dozen times, the iranians are going to get a nuclear weapon. my great fear is over the years ahead that the irgc the revolutionary guard, are going to be the ones who are going to safeguard this nuclear weapon, the largest terrorist organization in the world. what type of expectation do we have as a nation once the iranians have the bomb that the revolutionary guard are going to show up and take possession of it? can you imagine a terrorist world where there's a loose nuke under the control of this terrorist organization right now? >> we're out of time. last question, real quick if you will, general, how long before they release the tigris? >> as soon as they dominate the discussion and humiliate us, they'll take this vessel and turn it loose like they've done with vessels and captives in the
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past. once they milk it for all it's worth, the vessel will go home. >> general thanks for joining us. baltimore's police commissioner told pashtrents to get control of their kids. and one mother took the commissioner's words to heart and she took action. watch this. you're going to be impressed and your heart is going to be glad. god love her. she's got guts. she's got courage and she means to take care of her kids. man, mother of the year, don't you wish we had hundreds of thousands more just like her?
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although she refused to divulge her name, commissioner batts thanked her for setting an example in his press conference last night. we salute her. a failure of leadership on nearly every level of government in baltimore on display. criminals roaming the streets unchecked. my commentary next. life begins with a howl, we scream shout, shriek with joy. until, inhibition creeps in our world gets smaller quieter, but life should be loud. sing loud, play loud, love loud. dentures shouldn't keep you quiet, life should be ringing in your ears. live loud,
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a few thoughts are required on the utterly disastrous decisions made by baltimore's mayor, stephanie rawlings-blake. as she seems with each passing day to shrink from the admittedly difficult challenges that grip the city of baltimore and already facing criticism for her response to that violence that swept through the city streets, the mayor made these extraordinary comments over the weekend. >> we tried to make sure that they were protected from the cars and the other things that
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were going on. we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well. and we worked very hard to keep that balance and to put ourselves in the best position to de-escalate. >> the mayor said, quote, we also gave space to those who wished to destroy. and destroy, they did. but just last night, the beleaguered mayor incredibly denied that she ever said such a thing. >> i never said nor would i ever say that we are giving people space to destroy our city. my words should not be twisted. >> twisted? was the mayor really trying to blame the media for what she said? why would she suggest that the media twisted her words? was she really suggesting her citizens should not believe their lying ears?
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this is, again, word for word what mayor rawlings-blake did in fact say in her words, quote, we also gave those who wished to destroy space to do that as well. while i feel for the mayor she's obviously distraught, she's confused and seems all but paralyzed. she has a responsibility to her citizens and her police force to meet the crisis and to lead and to lead well, not shrink from the moment. you may ask, where has president obama been throughout baltimore's nightmare? mr. obama made his first comments today and he trotted out his oh so weary, blame the media response. >> you had seen multiple days of peaceful protests that were focused on entirely legitimate concerns of these communities in baltimore.
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and frankly it didn't get that much attention. and one burning building will be looped on television over and over and over again. >> that's right. president obama did no better than mayor rawlings-blake. he too, could not find the courage to forswear the temptation to blame others for his lack of leadership. as for attorney general loretta lynch who was just sworn in yesterday, today she sent two of her justice department officials to baltimore. she did issue a statement condemning the violence. why is this nation so patient with such tep edid efforts on the part of so many of our leaders? the people of baltimore deserve far better and they deserve leaders who can unite and speak to all citizens as do all americans. our quotation of the evening, a
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man who no matter your politics or dislike, always took responsibility as only a great leader does. he said about blame and shirking responsibility, quote, the search for a scapegoat is the easiest of all hunting expeditions. dwight d. eisenhower, 34th president. we're coming right back. coming up big money, government power politics, corruption and the clintons. the revelations that could end hillary clinton's presidential ambitions. the author of the blockbuster new book "clinton cash," peter schweizer our guest tonight. and do you remember those missing e-mails we were told by the irs commissioner were lost? lois lerner's lost e-mails? well, they've been found. more of them, by the thousands. that story is straight ahead.
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turning now into the investigation in lois lerner's role in targeting conservative groups. a treasury department inspector general today announced more than 6,000 previously missing or lost lerner e-mails have wonder of wonders been recovered and will be delivered to congress. all of these e-mails are from the period between 2010 and 2012
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when the irs has admitted targeting tea party and other conservative groups applying for tax-exempt status and some of these e-mails likely to be amongst the most critical of the e-mails that the commissioner of the irs himself said to congress, they're missing they're lost and are irretrievable. that has been proved to be utterly and completely wrong. hillary clinton using hirer first policy speech to talk about something that threatens her ambitions for the white house. >> we must urgently begin to rebuild the bonds of trust and respect among americans, between police and citizens, yes. but also across society. restoring trust in our politics, our press, our markets.
10:36 am
between and among neighbors and even people with whom we disagree politically. >> the man whose book is revealing a number of disturbing questions and some more-than-troubling answers, talking about the trust of hillary and bill clinton, joining us now is "new york times" bestselling author peter schweizer, author of soon-to-be released "clinton cash," it goes on sale may 5th. peter, congratulations on the book. >> thank you. >> welcome to the studio, to the show. but i have never seen a book like this. weeks in front of your publication, these stories, these revelations from your reporting, your journalism, your authorship are just -- they're bombshells. >> yeah. it's been crazy actually. totally unexpected. finished the book several months ago.
10:37 am
had the galleys and went to some investigateive journalists and said we found some interesting things here you might want to look at. and they certainly have. and a couple of weeks before the book was due out, it exploded. and there have been some selective leaks by the clintons. there have been some things behind the scenes that frankly are a little bit disturbing. but the fact of the matter is that here we are talking about the book before it's even out. >> let's talk about a couple of those disturbing things. one of the things that must be disturbing to the clintons and some of her strongest supporters, despite all, is "the new york times" has given your book -- it is moving with your allegations allegations, your charges and then using it as a foundation for its reporting. you've got to really love that. >> well, they're great reporters and basically their position is, you present us compelling evidence and information, they're going to report on it. that's what a great reporter does.
10:38 am
that's what "the times" reporters have done. the facts are the facts. the trouble the clinton camp is having is they want to make the conversation about me. they're sending out nasty tweets about me making personal attacks. >> but they first called i think -- i may be wrong. but if memory serves i believe the clintons were the first to use the expression "the politics of personal destruction." >> that's right. >> and it is an absolute tactic if it doesn't rise to strategim for them. hillary and bill clinton going to columbia -- these go on and on. the indian deal for atomic energy, nuclear energy. as i recall in 2008, that was the mango trade, was it not? tell us about this and how it
10:39 am
could have escaped scrutiny until this point. >> well, it was a very intensive research project. we had a lot of people looking at it. and what we really did was follow the money. and the challenge is there's a lot of money flowing to the clintons and money going to the foundation and also in speaking fees. but it's also global. it's coming from elites from all around the world who have business with the state department. we looked at ukrainian shipping records, canadian tax records. so it's a very, very difficult story to put the pieces together. but once you piece them together, you realize there's this template which is essentially that hillary clinton as senator or secretary of state takes a position on an issue a foreign interest wants that thing to go their way. so money flows to the clintons and she in effect delivers for them. it's a pattern repeated over and over and over again. >> butwhat you lay out is a pattern of behavior, conduct and frankly
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embarrassing misjudgments on the part of the clintons. it's unparalleled as far as i know in american history. >> yeah i don't think there's anything close. here's the thing. when hillary clinton was put forward as secretary of state president obama and his transition team had some very simple and basic requirements that a lot of people felt weren't even tight enough. it was basically that they had to disclose all contributions, that they had to do things related to bill's speeches. so it was a very basic requirement. >> the famous memo of understanding that was really a ticket to whatever they wanted. >> exactly. but they couldn't even honor that commitment because as we know today based on reporting, you've got 1,100 contributions that were never disclosed. we sort of -- in the book, we show how that works. how they set up this canadian entity how it's a pass through to the clinton foundation, how they used it to avoid scrutiny from undisclosed locations.
10:41 am
and also in the book, we talk about an indian politician named ammar singh who's listed as a donor. but he doesn't have that kind of money and he was asked by the indian press today and he said, no, that wasn't my money, somebody else made that distribution. so etch the disclosed the names listed we can haven't any confidence in that. >> that was the famous mango deal, nuclear power for mangos, another brilliant trade deal brought to you by the u.s. government. as this president is seeking now, trade promotion authority and most of the republicans want to give him their constitutional responsibility for trade under the trade promotion act. it is to me mindless. uranium one, 20% of the uranium assets of this country despite a review by the department of
10:42 am
state under secretary clinton, giving the assets to the russian government. >> giving 20% of u.s. uranium assets to the russian government while hillary clinton is secretary of state, her family foundation and bill in speaking fees take in $145 million from nine shareholders involved in uranium one. can you say conflict of interest? that's massive. think about that number. we get exercise about campaign contributions and pac contributions as we legitimately should. they're in the tens of thousands. we're talking about more than $140 million. >> amazing. have you contemplated what as president hillary clinton might be able to do for her husband's speaking fees and how the foundation might blossom? and by the way, we should point out, varying accounts, 15% to 10% now is the latest estimate.
10:43 am
10% of that money went to "charitable purposes," the rest travel, expenses, salaries. my lord. >> yeah. the infrastructure of the clinton foundation is really populated a lot with ex-political aides, current political aides. the fund-raising apparatus for the clinton foundation is made up of people who raise money for her 2008 presidential campaign and will do it again later. it's a wonderful place for them to put a lot of political aides in and out of government service while they're waiting to retake the white house. >> perhaps take up a position with a campaign organization of some sort. >> yes, indeed. >> i don't know if you ever imagined that you'd be having this kind of impact. it's profound. it is wide and it is growing. congratulations on the book. >> thank you. >> thank you, peter. >> great to be here. >> the book is "clinton cash" available online and at
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bookstores everywhere beginning tuesday. you can preorder it right now on we recommend you do. astronauts aboard the international space station declared a russian supply vessel to be a total loss. the capsule containing three tons of food and water, clothes and equipment falling into an uncontrollable spin after reaching orbit yesterday. the astronauts saying they've given up trying to regain control of the capsule. it is written off. coming up, the mayor of baltimore disappoints just about everyone. but could she be held liable for the destruction caused in these riots? attorneys lis wiehl and mercedes colwin on that issue and for more next. and a kentucky small business wins a first of a kind legal victory to protect its religious rights. with that story, todd starnes here next.
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joining us tonight, two of the best attorneys in the business lis wiehl and mercedes colwin, both fox news legal analysts, both here to discuss what is transpiring in this turmoil and that is robbery, looting, destruction of property. is there -- so many people are saying the mayor should be held accountable for this,
10:49 am
malfeasance. >> right. >> is the issue. is such a thing practical? is it in law? >> no, unfortunately, in the law right now she and other officials have qualified immunity which means you really can't go after them either civilly or criminally and you can't go after them for what they say. now that could be changed if the laws were to be changed. but right now, both she and the police force have qualified immunity. >> qualified immunity sounds so lawyerly. >> it is. there is a presumption those public officials in office are conducting themselves in the best interest of society. that's a rebuttable presumption. >> but in this day and age in america, that is one highly highly debatable assumption. >> but unfortunately they have qualified immunity. it can be overcome but -- >> what about the destruction of property by all these rioters? and by the way most of these
10:50 am
people, i want to repeat, are not kids despite some of the claims made by city officials including the mayor. these are adults. 235 arrests are adults. >> right. >> can they be held, charged criminally and civilly? >> absolutely. let's go through the criminal charges first. you can have arson assault on officers, you have many other charges that you can bring. all felonies by the way. and the civil lawsuits could come after that. but all these people can be held liable for felony charges in a criminal court. >> and of course the people doing this have no resources. so a civil finding would be worthless? >> exactly right. but you have the other issues. they can't afford to be attorneys to represent them in these criminal proceedings. who do you think is going to be paying that? taxpayers. >> many of the businesspeople whose places of business have been destroyed and burned out can't afford an attorney either right now. and if you're wondering about
10:51 am
recall andin the city of baltimore, like many municipalities there is no recall provision in the city of baltimore no matter how much it will citizens of baltimore would like to change leadership at this point. let's turn to the federal case here. loretta lynch now in office a whole day or so, a little more than a day sending two officials, including the head of the civil rights division, to baltimore. she apparently wanted to go herself was dissuaded probably by the political office of the white house. what are your thoughts? >> well, certainly two individuals to go forward to do something, what are they going to do? >> is this where we say symbolism? >> exactly right. it may be meaningful. it's all optics. but in terms of will it do anything, honestly, not really. >> the legal standard is so hard to reach here as we saw in ferguson and other cases where
10:52 am
to go after a police officer for the rough ride or something like that, you have to show that it was under color of law, that there was the intent to deprive someone of their civil liberties because of their race. it's tough. >> and the fact of the matter is that someone in that white house should be speaking clearly if the president will not about the awful things that are happening there. the destruction of a city and for him to suggest that there is any reason or purpose in this or any justification or adequate rationalization i think is insulting -- >> these are looters thieves, they're attacking law-abiding citizens, attacking the police. they're everywhere. and they're destroying their own neighborhood. how is that -- >> and there's no recall for president of the united states either, ladies. >> no. >> you're going to be disappointed on that. >> there is 2016, though. >> there is that. and as some would say, there's the constitution so long as it is obeyed which requires only two terms be fulfilled and no
10:53 am
more. >> right. >> mercedes colwin lis wiehl, thank you both very much. the death toll in nepal now 5,000 people dying. search-and-rescue teams are continuing to look for survivors. and the nepalese government now estimates nearly 500,000 people have been displaced. 8 million without water, food and gasoline since the disaster struck. up next a kentucky court protecting religious rights, a major victory for a small business. todd starnes joins us next.
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a lot to talk with todd starnes tonight about. a kentucky court ruling, a printer has the right to refuse to print things contrary to his belief. todd starnes joins us. great to have you here. let's start before we move to baltimore with this important ruling in kentucky. this is really going against what seemed to be the wave of decisions previously. >> lou, so far it is the only case where the christian business owner has come out victorious. this is a small t-shirt company called hands-on originals and the guy who owns the company, blaine adamson, and the local
10:58 am
lgbt organization wanted him to make some t-shirts for their gay pride event and he refused to do so. he was brought up on charges by kentucky's human rights commission. and i broke this story when it first happened. and i spoke to the human rights commission and they told me that christian business owners should leave their religion out of their businesses. and just before we came on the air i talked to blaine. and he told me this, he said today is a great day for freedom, every american should have freedom to live and work according to their beliefs without fear of punishment from the government. and that is what the judge ruled there. so it's a victory for hands-on originals. >> and the next step, appeal. >> possibly so. we'll see how it plays out. >> let's turn now to baltimore. what we were watching there is disastrous for the city. businesses being torched. i'm afraid the community has been so severely wounded that
10:59 am
it's going to be a long time before they recover from this because of the inept leadership in part of the city. >> well, this is absolutely outrageous. and then earlier today, president obama -- i had a chance to watch and then rewatch what he said. and he really was the community organizer in chief today, lou. 90 seconds he went after the criminal thugs but he spent five minutes going after the police department. seeming to go after them and saying they're the big problem here. this is very disturbing. but the glimmer of hope for me was that mom who went after her son. >> i'd love for us to put this video up as we go out here tonight with time waning if we could put up the picture of the mother. go ahead. >> lou, i've got to tell you something. you give me 12 mammas with cast iron skillets and you put a stop to this nonsense lickety-split. >> i want to commend her again. the police commissioner in baltimore has done so. i think all of america would
11:00 am
commend her right now for definitety mother of the year. >> absolutely. >> todd starnes, always good to have you with us. >> thank you. >> thanks for being with us tonight. good night from new york. [ dynamic music plays ]


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